Great work works!
InterImage is a strong, dedicated Bulgarian PR agency with excellent market reputation and intriguing clients list – the best reference to the results of our job!

We are a team of ‘global-oriented locals’ with in-depth knowledge of local market and culture, helping companies and brands communicate across Bulgaria and beyond country boundaries.

In a world getting increasingly smaller, because of communication permeating it 365/24/7, our team will deliver to you a well-structured and timely strategy for consistent PR communication and diverse events.

We are constantly supporting our clients as they formulate and articulate their values, create and participate in different communities, and successfully surmount crises. We are their voice in front of society and the world. We build their bridges to media and people.

They succeed and grow in a supportive environment in terms of public relations, something which is getting more important in this small, connected world.

Awards do matter to us and we hit many, but most rewarding is the feedback for sustainable results, achieved for our clients’ businesses!