Finzel PR

We are a full service B2B and B2C PR agency in Madrid (Spain) dedicated to providing tailor-made Public Relations services to companies and organisations from all around the world and from all sectors.

At Finzel PR we take a no-nonsense approach to PR and campaigning on behalf of our clients. Our success is based on positioning ourselves as a credible and reliable source of information about our clients locally. We build up relationships with the right people and anticipate their need for data, comment or material from the businesses or organisations we represent.

To do this we strive to ensure honesty and transparency – no grand promises that we know can’t be fulfilled and no fobbing off the day-to-day running of campaigns on inexperienced trainees.

Each account is handled and managed by a senior bi-lingual consultant who takes a personal interest in the success of the campaign or project and works closely with their client to ensure the best possible result.

This involvement at a senior level guarantees that we can make the right connections, take the right decisions and give the right advice at all times.