Big Bang & Whisper


We are Communicators
We know how medias tick, what people see, read and listen. We love to talk. Our voices are the services we provide – powerful, comprehensive, spectacular and wise. We know what is needed to make you being the talk of town. Its pretty simple:

Communications is both, finding the big bang to get attention and spreading fine-tuned whispers to establish continuous, trustworthy advocacy for ideas, products and services.

We tell your story
We offer mind-blowing ideas and concepts for communicative solutions and the strategically sophisticated execution of targeted communications measures. Our passion is to help you shine in public – with our services in public relations, marketing, event management, sponsor relations and artist management. We are storytellers.

We build your stage
Sometimes the support of other exceptional talents and creative minds from various fields is needed – for the right mixture of marketing, advertisement and public relations and to make you reach your goals. In this case we ask our business network for help – friends who share our enthusiasm and dedication.